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Yes, And

Rauschenberg Residency

During my solo residency at Rauschenberg, I asked the questions of "Yes, And": Who would I be and what would I make if as a Black woman, I had nothing to worry about?

What emerged was "Josephine;" a performance avatar, cyanotype prints, and a movement/video/sound installation.

Video excerpt of Gesel Mason's installation, Josephine.

I embodied a performance avatar by the name of Josephine. After some online research, I discovered that a “Josephine” from Tampa actually did exist. The "real" Josephine was interviewed in 1937 as part of an archive of slave narratives gathered by the Federal Writers Program.

Performance and Installation: Gesel Mason

Sound Design and Narration: Eve Abrams

Photos by Josh Coe

Installation Captured by Leila Mesdaghi

November 2019

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