Yes, And

“Yes, And” is a performance project that re-centers Black womanhood as the norm and operating force in the creative process. “Yes, And” asks: Who would you be and what would you do (or make) if, as a Black woman, you had nothing to worry about? What would you create and how might you be in community with others? What emerges when I give myself permission to imagine/re-imagine another past, present, and future? “Yes, And” is a process, or rather a methodology, of undoing and of freedom, the freedom “to find” and to “be found” from this recalibrated place.

Rauschenberg Residency (FL)
photo by Josh Coe
Ragdale Residency (IL)
Photo from "My Mouth is a Mirror" improvisational video by Jovan Landry .
Dance Place Residency (D.C.)
Photo by David Dowling
Texas Performing Arts x Fusebox Residency (TX)
Image courtesy of
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Yes, And Community

The "Yes, And" Community welcomes self-identified Black women, cisgender and transgender, to investigate and re-center the practice on making art by, for, and about us. The work is both: YES, an unapologetic celebration of Black sisterhood, AND, a complex investigation of the issues and experiences (motherhood, trauma, sexuality, joy, mental health, self-care, the list is non-exhaustive) of Black women.


Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has extended the creative timeline and expanded engagement possibilities through virtual platforms that allow me to build new community relationships. If you are interested in joining the Yes, And Community please email


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